5 Thing to Know When Moving to Lumberton, NJ

Moving to Lumberton, NJ is an exciting life change, but anyone who has moved before can tell you that sometimes the transition can be stressful. From packing boxes to forwarding your mail, there are lots of details to manage to make sure your move runs smoothly. Good organization can, however, make any move easier. Here’s a quick organizational guide to help cut down on stress:

1. Plan and research
Keeping a to-do list is critical for having a stress-free move. Before you pack the first box, hop online and research a comprehensive list of everything that needs to get done before move-in day. Obvious list items include booking a mover and packing your old apartment, but be sure not to forget smaller things like setting up mail forwarding and calling your utility company. With a good to-do list on your side, even the largest task can be accomplished without stress.

2. Find a mover
The best way to cut down on pre-move stress is to hire a mover. It might seem like a good idea to move with the help of friends, but a professional mover cuts down on move time and can better ensure the safety of your possessions. Find a mover by asking family and friends, or by checking a review site like Angie’s List or Yelp. Call multiple movers to compare price quotes and get the best deal.

3. Pack it up!
The wisest piece of packing wisdom is to remember that everything that is packed must eventually be unpacked. Before you start packing, clean out your house and get rid of things that you no longer use. Then, when you begin packing, pack like items in the same box, and don’t forget to label the outside of the carton. This preplanning on the front end will make unpacking much easier.

4. To store or not to store?
Self-storage facilities can be a great asset to your move. If your move-out date doesn’t coincide exactly with your move-in date, consider renting a self-storage unit to hold your possessions during the interim period. Self-storage units are also great for people who aren’t quite sure how their furniture will lay out in their new apartment. Use a self-storage unit to hold extra furniture items while you figure out a comfortable floor plan for your new place. With low rates and clean conditions, this storage option is much better than stashing your stuff in a friend’s dirty garage.

5. Don’t go hungry!
Moving involves a lot of intense physical labor, and if that means one thing, it means you get hungry! Nothing is worse than getting hungry in the middle of an important task, which is why you should plan your big move-in dinner ahead of time. There are many restaurants in the area that deliver to Lumberton, NJ. Consider ordering a piping hot pizza pie from Downtown Pizza and Italian Grill. Downtown Pizza’s hearty Italian food will give you enough energy to get the moving job done right.

Moving to Lumberton, NJ can be easy when you follow these simple steps.


CC-BY-2.0/Flickr/Horia Varlan