A Mover's Guide To Renting In Lumberton

Establishing a new home is both exciting and troublesome. The new experiences and friends that come with the new territory are undeniably great. But the process of moving itself is one thing that nobody really wants to do. To make things easier, we’ve assembled the following list of things to remember when moving to Lumberton, New Jersey.

Transporting Belongings



Lifting heavy furniture like couches and mattresses is the most physically exhausting part of moving into a new place. If you have no plan of action, you will quickly become frustrated when certain objects don’t fit through stairwells and doorways as easily as you had hoped. That’s why it’s always recommended to plan ahead before jumping into the heavy lifting.

One first step that is often overlooked involves creating a blueprint for your furniture layout prior to moving. Many apartment complexes provide unit floorplans on their websites. Ask yourself questions about hallway and doorway widths and whether or not your couch will be too big for the longest living room wall. Use floorplans to gain a better understanding of the apartment’s dimensions then map where certain pieces of furniture will fit.

Pre-move cleaning is another often overlooked step. If your furniture wasn’t dirty before it was placed in the back of a pickup truck, you can bet it will be dirty afterwards. Instead of waiting until you have everything in place, dust and vacuum your belongings beforehand so that you can reach areas that would otherwise be blocked by walls and other pieces of furniture.

Assembling belongings is yet another problematic area for the unprepared. Hopefully your couch made it through the haul in one piece, but it’s likely you disassembled your bed frames and shelving. Remember to label all hardware and place it in an easily identifiable box so you can find it as soon as your heavy belongings are inside.

Finding Moving Services



Contacting professional moving services is never a bad idea if you don’t mind spending the extra cash. Rental trucks and movers certainly make the job easier. And it’s not too difficult to find moving services in Lumberton.

New residents can find two rental truck dealers in the area. One is a U-Haul vendor located on Route 38 between South Main Street and Eayrestown Road. The second is a Budget Truck Rental a few miles down the road at the intersection of Routes 38 and 206 in Southampton.

For those who do not have the physical ability or time to move furniture on their own, a complete moving service may be required. Two local options include PODS on Berry Drive, and Allen Transfer and Storage on Maple Avenue.

Setting up Utilities



Signing up for utility services may or may not be an issue, depending on where you choose to live. Many apartments have preselected providers for things like water and sewer, electricity, and trash collection. However, services like cable and internet are typically left up to the renter. Comcast and Verizon are two primary sources for these types of services in the area.

Renting in Lumberton

We hope this guide proves useful during your transition. Remember that while the process of moving from one place to another can be both physically and mentally straining, getting out and exploring your new home is a great way to exercise and clear your mind. Check back with this site in the future for more information about all of the exciting things this area has to offer.