Apartments in the Lumberton Township School District
Undoubtedly, the school district is a major factor to consider when choosing a new place to live. Proximity to good schools is a big deal for families, and therefore location can really make or break a good living situation. A short commute to school isn't the only convenient part to consider. It's also about having access to the school community and all it has to offer. If you're looking for apartments in Lumberton Township School District, Sterling Glen is a perfect choice.

About the District

For one thing, Sterling Glen doesn't get much closer to each of the schools in the Lumberton school district. Florence L. Walther Elementary is just 2.3 miles away. Bobby's Run School, which educates grades 3-5 is just 1.1 miles away, then Lumberton Middle School is 1.2 miles away. Getting the kids to sports practice or meetings for other extracurricular activities is a whole lot easier to swallow if it means just a 4- or 5-minute drive. Being this close to the schools your kids attend puts you right in the heart of their academic community, also, which means it's also easier for you as a parent to be involved in school activities.

Not all districts are created equal though. While they all have their strengths and weaknesses, academics and quality educators are certainly one of Lumberton Township School District's greatest strengths. Several teachers within the district have been recognized for their excellence over the last 5 years, including a 2019 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. This is the highest recognition any math or science teacher can receive in the United States. Access to this caliber of educators is invaluable. The overall mission of the district is to provide an educational program which promotes not just test scores, but also life skills such as adaptability, safety awareness, respect for cultural differences, and the learning skills needed to meet the unique challenges of the 21st Century.

Special Education Programs: Child Study Team

Living in apartments in Lumberton Township School District also means access to Lumberton's Child Study Team. The district has put together a team consisting of a school psychologist, learning disabilities teacher-consultant, social worker, and in some cases a speech and language specialist to help children get properly placed in programs that will help them learn. The team works together to help identify, evaluate, develop, and monitor the special education programs in a meaningful way so that every student gets the opportunities they deserve. Each student gets assigned an individualized education program, and a member of the team acts as a case manager to facilitate communication between home and school so that parents can be as much a part of the learning process as possible. This kind of attention to special needs and learning styles is widely seen as beneficial to not just the students enrolled in the program, but also helps foster a sense of patience and compassion among the rest of the student body.

Along with the fantastic apartment and community amenities, proximity to great schools is a huge perk to living at Sterling Glen. If you like what you've learned so far about the district, give us a call to schedule a tour of Sterling Glen!